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Creative Quality Compositions is a small, hard-working music licensing firm based in LA. Established in 2012, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. CQC was created by musicians for musicians. We believe with Passion, Creativity, and Quality you can achieve Success. We are a small library but pride ourselves in finding very creative high quality music.

Our Non-Exclusive Licensing Deal

1) You must be the sole owner/controller of the Original Master Recordings and the underlying Original Compositions. If not, all involved parties must sign agreement for the licensing of the composition.  Make sure that you know all the parties involved, and that everybody is on board with it being licensed for a film or TV show. Its vital to make sure that everyone who can legally claim a piece of your material be in the loop and agree upon who owns how much of what.

2) In order to license Your Original Master Recordings and the underlying Original Compositions to third parties on a non-exclusive basis, we need to add to or change the title of each Original Master Recording and Original Composition that you deliver under this Agreement. The modification to the identifying name of each Original Master Recording and Original Composition will create a new song (each a Song or collectively Songs).

You will retain 100% ownership of each and every Original Master Recording and Original Composition. You are free to license your Original Master with anyone you want.

3) Our deal is a 50/50 split on the publishing and licensing of re-named master. The composer keeps 100% of the writers share and CQC retains 100% of the publishers share. Composer sees 50% of all licensing and sync fees, if applicable.***


1. If a song is licensed for $1000, the composer (you) gets $500 and we get $500
2. If the PRO pays $500 for writer and $500 for publishers, the composer gets $500 (writers share) and we get $500 (publishers share).

So the complete payout would be $1000 to the Composer and $1000 to us.​

*** Effective January 1, 2014 - Agrements prior to this date will remain the same.

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John Myers


Maria Mines

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Vince Berry

Music director